Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday is a Special Day!

For some reason today, I have this primary song stuck in my head. I guess because we have beeen busy this saturday morning. Or, atleast I should say I am keeping Mike busy! :) This is my long weekend off (Friday Saturday and Sunday) before I go back to work, so he has been checking off his "honey do's" for me.

He also got a call at 8:00 am this morning to help a couple from our ward move some of their big furniture into their new house. I went with him to "supervise", and talk to Nicole, one-half of the couple moving. We talked about paint colors and decorating while the boys moved in all the "stuff".

Next, Mike got busy in the backyard. We bought another tree and a few new plants at the Nursery yesterday, and he wanted to get started before it got too hot outside. It's suppossed to be 107 today. Here he is on what I call "beautification detail"....

Mike has recently taken to watching "designed to sell", "sell this house", and any other real-estate shows I enjoy. He has decided adding a few more trees and plants to the back yard NOW, giving them time to mature for another year and a half before we sell will "add a lot of value" to our home. :) The plus side for me is that
1. I don't have to fight to watch these shows. He doesn't mind watching them anymore
2. I don't have to convince him these projects are worthwhile. He's totally on-board. and
3.Its much easier to convince him to let me paint or do some other kind of "home improvement" project. Anyway you look at it, its a win-win! yay!

Yesterday was a fun day too, because I received a surprise package in the mail! I never get surprise packages! My mom sometimes sends things, but she usually can't resist telling me. I was excited to open my mail box and find the key to the "big boxes". I ripped open the package, and there were four beautiful baby blankets inside! Thank you , Thank you, Thank you to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron, and Kristi and Rhett. We love the blankets! And Rhett...Mike loves the camo one, so that was a good choice! :) They are all so nice, and they have the cutest stitching around the edges. They will be just perfect! And I love the cowboy one too. I can't wait to buy him little cowboy boots and wranglers and a cowboy hat. too cute! Thanks again!

I also have been trying to organize "again" the baby room. My friend Tammy keeps giving me more clothes as her little boy grows out of them. She has two boys and is finished with kids, so as her baby gets bigger, she is giving me EVERYTHING, so she doesn't have to store it. I love this, because I have so much stuff.....and I hate this because, well.....I have so much stuff!!! The baby isn't even here yet, and I am bursting at the seems! This is a picture of one-half of the closet. And in case you were wondering, these clothes are just the 0-3 month ones. Yikes! I bought some of them, and some were given to me. All these clothes here are brand new, with tags. Tammy gave me a LOT of clothes her kids never wore too.

Remember the dresser from the baby room? It is full of 0-3 month stuff too. The things in the dresser are new: onesies and pajamas people have given me, and then the rest of the 0-3 month clothes Tammy gave me. I also have 2 large diaper boxes full of 3-6 month clothes she gave me, and a Tupperware of 3-6 month clothes waiting in the wings for "rotation". All this "stuff" caused me to go through everything again. But its finally finished. The next picture is the tupperware Tammy gave me that only has "warm winter" clothes in it. Most of them are brand new. I am saving them to take to Utah, and then we'll probably just give them away. We don't have too much use for snow-suits here in Arizona.
And last but not least, I did buy another shirt for the baby. hahaha! Mike wasn't too happy about it, but oh-well. I justified it because it is for 12 months. We only have a couple outfits for 12 months, so I figured it was okay. AND...I just thought it was cool. A little bit biker, a little bit rock'n'roll...or something like that. And I got it at TJ Maxx, so it was super cheap. Love TJ Maxx.

My doctor appointment on Friday went well. Heart beat was 156...and I've gained, well.....the doctor said I am doing "great", but it seems like a lot to me. Not quite 20 pounds. Double Yikes! Although she tried to re-assure me it wasn't that much, and I was on the low side of the normal limits, it still feels like it might as well be 100 pounds. Ohwell. Can't wait to hit the gym in a month (or so). I'm definitely ready. The Dr. also said she would be surprised if I had a baby larger than 7 pounds. She said my belly is still "relatively" small, and she expects around a 6 pound baby. That was somewhat of a relief to me. A little over a month to go.


  1. Holy Cow Sarah! I think I am going to have to side with Mike on this and say - No more clothes!! I am sure you will use them all, but it just looks like a lot. I like the new shirt, too.

  2. All I can say is that you and Mike are both nesting, which means that you will be a mom soon! Can't wait to see pictures of him in all those clothes!

  3. I love all the clothes Sarah! I hope some of them are bigger sizes. We had all of these sweet tiny little clothes and then Tim was so big he didnt' even get a chance to wear 1/2 of them. Luckily we had 2 more boys so everything has been worn and worn again! :)

  4. You will use a lot of clothes especially when they decide to Pee all over you everytime you take the diaper off!! We are excited for you guys and be glad that you are only haveing a 6 lbs baby, that would have been nice!
    Keep us up to date!