Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thank you...for Thanking Me

Am I the only one who feels a strong, almost overwhelming urge to write a thank-you note for someone giving me a thank-you??

Mike's friend who stayed with us Yesterday was very nice and left us a thank you card on the table as he was leaving with a gift card to TGI Fridays so we could go to dinner. I thought that was very nice and very thoughtful...and certainly unexpected! :) But my first impulse was to have Mike get his address so I could send him a Thank-you card....

A Thank-you for the Thank-you. has anyone ever done this before? I know he was thanking US for letting him stay the weekend. I know that no additional "Thank-you's" need to be sent...but still.....the urge is there.

I did get a call from a friend yesterday telling me she had received the thank-you card I sent her for the gifts she gave me at my baby shower. Her exact words were "Thanks...that was really sweet." In essence, I received a "verbal" thanks for the thanks. So apparrently I'm not the only one.

I, ofcourse, in return, thanked her for calling me. so what is that then? A "Thank-you for calling to thank me for the thank-you????"

Maybe I'm just neurotic, or just very thankful....I'm not quite sure.


  1. On a segment on watched on Oprah it was said that if you were given a thank you note if you feel so you are to call and thank that person. If you are given something in return (like your gift certificate) it is very appropriate to send a thank you card for the thank you card.

  2. I can't believe you have less than 30 days until you have your baby! Enjoy the time that they can't move, because once they become active you won't ever stop!

  3. Hi Sarah, found your blog today. So nice to hear whats going on in your life. It's been a long time since I've seen you. Take care!