Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Mike and I decided to be sort of "spontaneous" this last weekend. Thursday night he asked if my parents were still going to St. George for Labor Day. When I said "yes", he said "well let's go!" So, we got up early Friday morning and headed to St. George in the new SUV, with our dog in tow. (I put blankets over the seats so Marlee couldn't get her hair requested by my slightly OCD husband) :)

We had a great time. Adam ended up driving down too, so that was fun. The boys went golfing on Saturday. Mike was really hoping to "whoop" my dad, but unfortunately, that didn't happen. My Dad had his best game ever, and kicked everyone' know. but a funny story....

Mike kept talking about this "sandwich" my dad had bought for him. He told me multiple times how nice that was of my dad to buy him this "sandwich". He just kept talking about it. I was thinking..."so he bought you a sandwich...big deal!" I was so confused as to why, of all the meals my dad has bought for us on vacation, this sandwich seemed to be so important.

Well, the boys went golfing again the next day, and my dad started talking about the "sandwich" too. And then he said how much the sandwich really improved Mike's game. and THEN I had my "ahhaaa" moment. They weren't talking about a sandwich at all....but a SAND WEDGE. You know....a golf club. ha ha ha! I felt like the biggest idiot! I think I should just chalk that up to "pregnancy brain."

Anyway, we had a great weekend. And thanks to mom and dad for letting us spend the weekend with you! Love ya!


  1. Hey girl the pregnancy brain is a real and annoying thing!! And after 3 kids, it doesn't seem to go away. :)

  2. Sounds like fun!! Now I know why I didn't see your parents around while I was in Evanston for Labor Day! Hey is someone was to send you a late babyshower gift what address what that person send it to?

  3. oh kristi, you are so funny! :) My Address is:
    9405 W Eaton Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85037