Saturday, October 27, 2007

a few quiet moments

I know, I know....its been ages since I have posted anything. But what can I say except that I've been busy!!! And I know most everyone has been waiting (some of you patiently, some of you not so patiently) for new pictures of Miles, so I'll start with the good stuff!

Miles on his daddys lap yawning and stretching

our first family outing. We went to the park by our house and took Marlee to play and run around. Not too exciting, but it got us out of the house for awhile.

Grandpa Atkinson holding Miles. This was pretty much where my dad stayed his entire visit! He just loved holding and cuddeling his first little grandbaby. So cute!

In his swing. He doesn't mind swinging for awhile, but still prefers to be held. Especially now that my dad has spoiled him by holding him about 23 hours out of the day. :) I love this picture becuase it shows just how tiny the little guy is.

And one of my all time favorites. Miles in his car seat. This was taken at the Mall.....yes, I have already broken him into shopping at the Mall. Rachel put on his little hat and we laughed and laughed because it is so huge on his little head! It was funny to watch people craning their necks to see in the stroller as we walked him around. He was a hit!

Rachels in-laws sent this sweater set that Ed's Grandma had knitted. It is so adorable. Still a little big on him (but what isn't?) The sweater reminds me of the ones Great Grandma McKinnon used to make for the grand kids. Plus, it makes for a pretty cute picture.

The pictures are sure cute, but things have been pretty hectic around the Romer household.

But right now, Miles has been fed, changed, and is now sleeping. I am showered and dressed, the house is clean, the visitors are out hiking, and I have eaten breakfast AND lunch and managed to do other motherly duties like restock the diaper changer with supplies, sterilize bottles, wash baby clothes, and my favorite of all activities (I am being completely sarcastic here)....PUMP. If you have ever had to do this, no explanation is needed.

In any case, I have a few quiet moments to steal away for myself, and me, being the selfless person that I am, thought I would share my few quiet moments with you. :)

What a roller coaster ride this has been. Whew! After a slightly extended hospital stay, we came home and were excited to start being parents. Turns out Mike was forced to be more of a parent than I was for awhile. The Sunday after we came home from the hospital, I spiked a fever of 103, had chills, was achey, and basically pretty miserable. Mike took me back to the ER and 4 hours later we returned with a diagnosis of the Flu, and mastitis. Throw on top of that a big heaping pile of guilt for making my sweet husband take care of the baby and of me, and not being able to help with anything.....well, lets just say I was pretty miserable. But Mike was great, and my mom who was still here helping us was even greater! So with their help, some pain medication and a round of antibiotics later, I am feeling much better and have now been enjoying being a mom.

We have had lots of visitors. My mom was here for a week and a half, my dad came the day after my mom left, and stayed for the weekend. Then Rachel was here for four days, and now Mike's family (mom, dad, and 2 of his sisters) are here visiting us and Miles. We have had lots of help, and are so appreciative. Its been great seeing everyone love our little guy.

This sunday will be our first visit to church, and Monday is his next Drs appointment. So we'll see if he is back up to his birth weight. here's hoping.

I also figured out how to post a video. Actually, Rachel figured it out, so you can thank her for this.

This is a little video of Miles' first bath at home. His dad was so excited to give him the bath. As you can see, Miles wasn't quite as excited to receive it.


  1. That is either one GIANT swing or one tiny baby. :) Holy Cow, he looks so little in there. How much does he weigh now? He is precious. Congrats again!

  2. p.s. glad to hear you're feeling better. so sorry you had to start motherhood off on a rough note.

  3. Thanks for sharing your new little guy with the rest of the family. He is adorable. It is great being a grand parent. Looks like your mom and dad feel the same way. Sorry to hear you were under the weather for awhile. Glad to hear you are feeling better now. Stay in touch.

  4. I knew he was small, but seeing him in the swing and carseat I didn't realize how small he is. Well it looks like parenthood is fitting you and Mike very well. Congrats and I can't wait to see him! Oh yea and you too!