Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bigger and Bigger

It's been awhile since I've posted....yeah, I know. We are home from St. George, where we stayed for the month of February. (Thanks mom and dad!) Our Month, in a nut shell: Mike worked, we had lots of visitors, Temple trip with mom, went to the Parade of Homes, long walks, home made kettle corn, redbox DVDS, Wii, new camera, visit to Evanston, lots of eating out, and our most significant St. George moment is this....

Okay,the picture doesn't look like much. Just another snapshot of my growing little boy. But, there's more to this picture than meets the eye. You see, before I took this picture I was playing with Miles. The dryer buzzed so I put him on his tummy on the play mat, went and got the clean laundry, and came back. Now.....I don't know if you caught that. So I'll say it again.

I put Miles on his TUMMY. And when I came back, he was looking up at me with those big blue eyes. Somehow, in the 5 seconds I had my eyes off of him, he managed to roll over all by himself. He has done it a few times since, but I have yet to witness it. Except the one time he TRIED to do it in the bathtub. I put a stop to that pretty darn quick.

We have been busy busy busy since we've been home. Mike working, me unpacking and cleaning and mothering and schooling and photographing, and working on a couple new crafty projects. More to come on that later. And Miles has been busy growing.

We went to the Dr. yesterday. Possible ear infection. He now weighs 12 pounds and 9 ounces. He is getting bigger....and his hair is getting longer. And my new favorite thing is to spike it up.

This is how my photo shoots often start. Pretty happy baby, content, smiley, perfect photographing material

And this is how they usually end. With unhappy, tired, get that camera out of my face and let me go to sleep, baby. But....still great photographing material. :)

I just can't seetm to help myself. Especially now that I have a take one hundred pictures in one second, camera. I just keep snapping and snapping and snapping. (and then I delete, delete, delete) Because, quite frankly, I'm really not that good. Yet.

But here's a question to anyone with pictures stored on their computer. (Yes, that should be just about everyone)

How do you organize them all?????

Now that I have a million +1 photos of Miles taken almost everyday, I need to figure out a system to keep them organized. how do you store them? Do you put them in folders according to the date they were taken? do you categorize them by age? (3 months, 4 months,) etc, or a combo of both? do you just leave all the photos in one huge file? I'm not quite sure what to do, and I would love to know what everyone else does. My messy computer files are driving me nuts.

Okay.....I mentioned a couple crafty projects I am working on. It's a surprise for a couple certain people who may or may not check this blog. So, I'll just give you a sneak peak.

Thats all you get. I think now I will procrastinate the laundry for one more day and work on these a little more. Stay Tuned!


  1. Everytime I see him I am amazed at how big he is getting! I know what your craft projects are and who they are for!! Well, I know who one is for..who is the other one for??

  2. Wow, it seems like yesterday you were posting his nursery and now here is all getting so big. He is one cute kid Sarah!
    Our internet is back, so I am finally blogging again. :)

  3. If I told you, I'd have to kill you!