Tuesday, February 19, 2008


in my case, should be called the "stuff as much crapola into it, and carry it around with you bag." My friend Melani purse tagged me awhile ago. I have been putting it off. Not because I didn't have time. And not because I didn't want to. But because, frankly.....the idea scared me! My purse is basically a catchall for my crazy life. As you will soon see. so, without further ado....

My Coach bag. A Hand me down from my friend Tammy, after my Dooney and Burke purse was stolen in the dreaded Home Robbery. (Thanks Tammy!)

An overview of all the "stuff". including:

  • My temple recommend
  • fun pink wallet
  • 4 check stubs
  • 1 debit card (should be put into the pink wallet...but I always feel so rushed at the store, so I just throw it in the never ending bag)
  • My Movie watcher card. Entitles me to free treats and discounts on popcorn when I attend my weekly Friday morning Matinee
  • 6 old movie stubs
  • 4 Drs. reminders cards (all from MONTHS ago)
  • 3 pens
  • An Express mail receipt from the package I sent to AZ last week
  • a baggie of "box top" coupons. I cut them out for Tammy, for her kids preschool.
  • Check book
  • Car keys
  • Key fob for our new home alarm system
  • Frequent buyer card for Paradise Bakery. YUM!
  • Recipe for Home made Kettle Corn. Double Yum! (but why is it in my purse???)
  • Ticket for the St. George parade of homes. going on now. AMAZING stuff to see.

  • cell phone. Obviously a necessity
  • Childrens tylenol and mylicon
  • lipgloss and lipstick
  • binkie. couldn't get through the day without a "spare"
  • Several old Mcdonalds Monopoly pieces. forgot all about these. too bad they are all expired
  • New Coach sunglasses....thanks DAD!
  • Doggie pooper picker upper bag....must have for walks with Marlee, since I am such a responsible doggie owner.

    And a Few of my most favorite things

sparkely, pretty royal blue bracelet my mom made. Then she gave it to me when she realized it didn't "go" with anything she owned. Lucky Me

I opened these fortunes right after I found out I was pregnant with Miles. I saved them for his baby book....and then ofcourse forgot about them. So cute. Now, I need to put them in his book before I lose them again.

My silver ipod covered in a cute pink case. It goes with me EVERYWHERE...as I am listening to the Twilight Series on it. yeah...who has time to sit and read??? this way, I can listen when I am out and about running errands.

  • $10.06 all in change. Note to self....empty change pocket more often
  • A 2 GB "memory stick" and a 2GB memory card
  • Camera, so I never miss a smile or a moment of my little guy
  • Receipts, nail clippers, glasses cleaners, some misc. wrappers and more garbage than I care to admit.
WHEW!!! What a haul. Where did all this stuff come from? And more importantly, now that its all out....how am I going to get it back in???

I tag: anyone brave enough to expose their own catch-alls


  1. Your fortunes are the cutest ever!

  2. How did you fit all of that stuff in your purse? That's insane! Too funny.

  3. Wow! Isn't that heavy to carry? That's a lot of stuff! I try to only own small purses so that I can not fit a ton of stuff in it, but I compensate with a big baby bag that has half of my stuff in it too. :)

  4. I guess I shouldn't say anything about your junk drawer post. Oh wait, I just did.

  5. Ha! Justen! That's just what I was thinking.

  6. okay, okay...I know. Apparrently my "junk drawer" in my house is my purse. And I hate it. It drives me nuts. But you will be happy to know that it is now clean and organized. And Yes....Much lighter. :)

  7. SMALL PURSE...TONZ of stuff, it's a MIRACLE you got that all in there! Your AMAZING!