Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Happy....

Birthday Michael Dear!!

Today is my sweet husband's 29th Birthday. He had to be at the hospital early, but came home to us a little after noon. So we had the rest of the day to enjoy each other's company.
I tried to make a surprise birthday cake. But Miles was fussy all morning, so it wasn't much of a surprise since Mike came home when I was up to my elbows in frosting. But it was worth it. Atleast *I* think it was. You can see for yourself.

It dawned on me when I was taking these pictures that this cake MAY be more appropriate for a litte kid. But who cares right???? It tasted delicious!!
For his Birthday dinner he wanted shrimp and vegetable tempura. Seriously???? I don't know where this came from, but apparrently my husband LOVES tempura. Atleast he told me as much (atleast 27 times) while I was was making it tonight. And I will tell you, this is not one dish I will be making again anytime soon. Its partly my fault. Mike wanted tempura. But the Martha Stewart wannabe in me couldn't stop there. I also included home-made egg drop soup, fried rice, a chinese salad, and edamame. I seriously debated about making some california rolls too....but I wised up. All that, combined with the cake and frosting, I think every bowl and dish in my kitchen is dirty. But it was worth it for this.....
This is Mike trying to give me a big smile. He's not exactly fond of me turning my camera on him. Too bad. You think he would have learned by now.

Not only did he get a yummy dinner, and delicious cake and ice cream (rocky road...his favorite), He also got to spend the evening playing his new Zelda game why I did the dishes. LUCKY!!!

Since Mike is now 29, I thought I should list 29 things I love about him. Hold on to your seats's going to be a long one. If you don't want to read the whole thing, I understand. We can still be friends.

  1. He's a Great Dad
  2. He is a great back-rub giver
  3. He works hard everyday for us, and for our future
  4. He's so S-M-A-R-T
  5. He lets me sleep in
  6. He changes diapers
  7. and cleans
  8. and does laundry
  9. he cracks me *****(Justin was a little concerned about this, and pointed out my typo**** I MEANT to say Mike cracks me up. You know, as in he's funny....He doesn't actually crack me. hahaha :)
  10. He's so friendly and outgoing and personable. He's taught me a lot in this area
  11. He's my best friend
  12. He always makes the calls when we need a sub for our primary class, because he knows I hate doing it.
  13. He teaches the primary class even when he is having MAJOR allergy attacks
  14. He stays up late with me when I can't sleep
  15. he gets up with Miles in the wee hours of the morning when the little guy can't sleep either
  16. He makes me bubble baths when I've had a hard day
  17. He eats all the leftovers so I don't have to
  18. He shares his french fries
  19. He helps me with whatever I ask
  20. He lets me leave the hall light on at night
  21. He always buys my favorite treats at the store
  22. And he doesn't get mad when I eat all the treats he bought for himself
  23. he was a big help and support to me while I was getting my Masters Degree
  24. After I had Miles and got sick (twice) he made lots of late night runs to the store to get ginger-ale and ibuprofen, and pick-up perscriptions. He always takes care of me
  25. He always puts Miles in the car, takes him out, and carries the carseat around...because it hurts my back
  26. He's okay with me only working one night a week, so i can stay home with Miles. Even though it means we have no $$$. He's okay "going without."
  27. He's a great budget keeper. He keeps us on track
  28. He supports all my "singing ambitions", and encourages me to take any and every opportuntiy to make my dreams a reality.
  29. He loves me just the way I am

Happy Birthday Mike!!! We love you!


  1. It looks like you treated Mike to a great day. I love the cake you made and I didn't know you were such a Martha Stewart. I love your 29 things and it sounds like you have a great husband, and he's lucky to have you.

  2. I can't believe how short his hair is!! Your cake is really cute. I really wanted to make some cupcakes yesterday but I realized mom and I packed up most of my baking stuff - I think we went a little overboard!
    I hope Mike had a good birthday! At least he knows he will always be younger than Ed!

  3. Mike cracks you eh? That's too bad. He seems like such a good guy.

    That cake is awesome! Can you ship one to Utah?

  4. Sounds like you have a very good husband and I just wished I could cook all of that. I hope someday that you guys live closer so that we can get to know Mike better.

  5. Hey!! you have such a cute page. Since we never see each other in church I guess this will do for now! Lets get together soon! Yeah for blogging!

  6. What a sweet guy! What a sweet little wife you are too. :)

  7. I love the cake, you always make really cute things, you are quite the crafty girl. I love the 29 things about Mike, and think I will have to copy the idea on Nates birthday! We need to get together sometime this week, I will call you.

  8. Aww! What a great husband you have. And what a great wife he has! You went all out. I'm very impressed by your cake decorating skills. Justen's comment was hilarious! :) Anyway, I actually talked to Mandy tonight to tell her I was coming home, and she told me about the shower. I will be back and forth from WY and UT, but I would love to help you. I fly in April 15th, and will be there until the 26th. Seriously though, let me know if you need any help. Your so nice for doing that.