Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Such a Big Boy

Miles got a Big Boy high chair last week, and he's pretty happy about it.
He loves sitting in it, even if its not dinner time.

We've been working a little on eating with a spoon. He's's a harder than it looks.

Okay....he doesn't ALWAYS love sitting in it....but he only gets this way when Mom is practicing taking pictures on Manual mode for about 30 minutes. yeah.....I made him sit there. Even when he's crying, he's still cute.
And what did I learn from trying out my manual mode on my camera?
  1. I need to get a better lens with better aperature settings
  2. even that might not matter that much, because I basically live in a DUNGEON!!!
  3. are amazing. (well, I already knew that one)

Because my light is so crappy, I had to turn my iso WAYYYY up, so my pictures are way grainy. BUT...I learned a lot about the settings on my camera, so that counts for something.


  1. He is too cute! I love this age, they start to do so many things and their little personalities are really showing. We need to get Sophie and Miles together for a little play date. I will call you tomorrow! So cute!

  2. So I clicked over to say how great the pictures looked before I saw my name :) I'm glad you're getting something from all my ramblings! You will be a totaly rock star with a wider aperture! That's totally why I got into this. I wanted better Lily pictures and we are usually inside where it's not so light.

    There are some things you can do in photoshop to reduce noise if you have to take pictures with it. There's a filter right in Photoshop...I'm not sure where it would be in Elements but I'm sure it's in there somewhere. Also on that page go down to Software programs. I haven't used one myself but I've hard wonderful things about a bunch of them.

    AND he suddenly looks so big and old! Awwww.

  3. Hi girl. Your boy is growing so much. He is beautiful too.

  4. I can't believe how big he is and how cute he is. Love the pictures and you are becoming quite the photographer.

  5. My heart hurt when I saw this picture. I need to see this little guy. I think when we move into the new house you need to come and stay with me for a week. I am pretty sure I am going to be jobless for a little while so I will have plenty of time.