Thursday, June 19, 2008

Only One Word

There's only one word I can think of to describe what has been going on around our house these last few weeks....


It all started a few weeks ago for our friend Owen's 4th Birthday party. Miles tried out the pool, with mixed results.

He did love kicking and kicking and kicking his little legs in the water. I think we have a natural swimmer on our hands. :)

And what kid doesn't look stinkin cute in a floppy, protect his skin from the bright hot sun, baby blue, fishermans hat?
Miles loves being outside. And swimming is fun, but to beat the heat, sometimes you just have to get out of town. So we did. Twice! We loaded up the Rav, grappbed some of our friends, and headed to Flagstaff to go camping. Miles did GREAT, and loved the great outdoors. And he loved sitting around the campfire in his chair, just like his daddy.

(His hair is just a *little* out of control. But I think it is so cute all fuzzy like that. It sticks up in just about every direction. Grandma might have to give it a little trim when we visit next week.)
We had so much fun, we decided to do it again the next weekend. I've realized its nice to go places with friends, because I can get a very rare picture that actually has ME in it. Even if it is with my SWEET visor, sunglasses, and camp hair. Atleast there is proof I was there. For once.

I also took Miles to a play date last Wednesday to the Peoria City Splash Park. He is too little to fully enjoy running through the sprinklers. But he did like splashing the water that was already on the ground.

And I loved how cute he was in his little swim suit, rash guard, and funny as heck hat that keeps the sun off his neck, but kept flipping up in front.
You might be wondering....How can I even STAND having a little boy so cute? Well, the truth is, I just can't!! I just want to hug him and love him, and pinch his little chubby cheeks all day long.
Oh....and fill my hard-drive up with millions and billions of pictures.

Here's a couple more. Just in case you didn't get enough. I know I never can.


  1. Sarah...I can't get over how cute he is! We are just starting to feel a little summer heat, I can't even imagine being in Arizona!

  2. I am voting for grandma NOT to cut the hair. I love love love it! I love the pics sitting in his big chair next to his daddy. So stink'n cute.

  3. Your son is beautiful! His hair is awesome!

  4. I love how he sucks his lips in. It is so cute. I like the hair, but I say let Grandma trim it. I can kind of understand what you mean with the heat, but I don't want to trade you.

  5. Hey girl I am doing this swap thing I thought you might like, let me know if you want to do it. :)

  6. He is absolutely the cutest little guy. So very sweet. ~Susan