Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menu Monday: Jan 9-Jan 15

Another week, and another menu.  (And another week with ONLY my menu posted on the blog.)  Ha!  I guess we know where my priorities are!  FOOD…always food. I’m trying lots of new recipes this week, and I am super excited.  The only drawback is I can’t vouch for their deliciousness, because I haven’t tried them yet.  But I am entirely confident they will be wonderful.

01 Jan 9-15
Chicken Cordon Bleu Bread Bowls – I saw this recipe on Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, and I was intrigued!  Using a bread bowl for something other than soup sounded interesting…and I just happen to have bread bowls in the freezer from last week’s menu.  Perfect.

Smokey Honey Mustard Pork Chops & Pasta Salad  Mike headed to the store last night to pick up a few things.  I told him I wanted a ham.  He came home with pork chops.  But at least he tried.  And now I get to try out this (seemingly) yummy pork chop recipe.  I am paring it with a pasta salad (which includes lots of veggies), and some simple orange slices.

Pasta Salad French Dip Sandwiches  - Thanks go to my sister for suggesting this dinner.  I am excited to try it out…and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of meat left over to freeze and use for a dinner next week too.  Bonus!
Vegetarian Southwest Wraps – Since most of my dinners this week seem to be centered around meat…I wanted to lighten it up a bit.  I HAVE made these southwest wraps on many occasion…and they are wonderful.  I don’t even like beans, but I love these.  The homemade Guacamole is DIVINE, and is a total must.  Also…the more cilantro the better.
I didn’t get to make my Sunday dinner yesterday because, as I mentioned, my lovely husband bought pork chops.  I was so excited about eating funeral potatoes…I just couldn’t let the idea die.  Hence the repeat.  It’s looking like a very tasty week!
I didn’t forget about the recipe for my VERY tasty peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  And when I say “very tasty”…that is an understatement.  I guarantee you will eat them all, make more, then eat all those too.  The recipe is coming…BUT, not quite yet.  You see, I’ve had a little something up my sleeve, and this recipe is involved in part of it.  It just might involve a new partnership on the blog…and a writing gig to boot.  But I’ve said too much already!  Stay tuned!
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