Monday, November 29, 2010


It always seems that December just creeps up on me! I have great intentions of sending out Holiday cards every year, and most years I find myself rushing to the mailbox the day before Christmas to get them mailed, in hopes they will reach their destinations before the start of the New Year.

And it’s like this EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. (Despite my good intentions)

But not this year! Oh no sirree. I was prepared. I spent just a little time online and armed myself with every necessity I needed to get those cards out in a timely fashion.

If you need a little help in this department (like I did) I’ll share my secret with you.


I love Shutterfly. I use them for all kinds of snazzy things. Their Calendars make perfect Christmas presents. I’m using these Christmas Tags to top my gifts this year, and have I mentioned their Christmas photo cards? OHHHHHHH…those Christmas cards.

I print my cards with them evvvvvery year. Even the years my family and friends don’t get them until February.

Some of my Faves this year:

STATIONERYCARD_5x7-23046-2407-MERCHTHUMB-v128103972300017680 STATIONERYCARD_FOLDED_5x7-27137-2519-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v1281025784000107809 STATIONERYCARD_FOLDED_5x7-27137-2931-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v1288741683000129080

And this one:

STATIONERYCARD_5x7-23046-2901-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v128874100800083429Oh…I DIE over that card. Seriously?? I bet you don’t have to guess which category Miles would fall under. (Hint: it rhymes with Potty)

There’s a style for everyone!

And you know what else totally rocks? You don’t even have to use one of their designs to have a card printed. If you are really ambitious and want to design your own card (or if you use my favorite design site you can still have your cards printed at great prices. Just upload your design, order the number you want, and badda bing badda boom…they will arrive at your doorstep beautifully printed and ready to send out. It is seriously that simple.

So this year I opted to design my own card. (ahem…I mean have my talented sister design one for me). If you want a sneak peek, click on over to You just might find it there. I will upload my design, order 50 cards, and have them shipped right to my doorstep.

Do you want to know how much my 50 cards will cost me?

(pausing for dramatic effect)

NOTHING!! I know…it doesn’t really get better than that. I just pay the shipping, and 50 free cards are headed my way.

And because Christmas is the giving season, I’ll let you in on a little secret.



It’s as simple as this: If you are willing to write a blog post about Shutterfly, just click on this link:, fill out the form, and Shutterfly will e-mail you with the requirements. Do those, and your golden. I mean it. GOLDEN!!!

I know….this may sound like a shameless plug in order for me to get 50 free cards. And I can’t lie. It is.

But I can’t lie.

I really DO love Shutterfly. With or without the FREE-ness.

And I promise, you will too!

Happy Shopping!!


  1. dang! of course the year i'm on the ball...

  2. Hey Sarah,
    That is so exciting about your friends moving out here. Now maybe you will have to come out and visit, Miles would love Hershey Park I just know it! I hope that you are all doing well and I would love to help out your friend with any questions that she has. We all know how overwhelming it can be when you move somewhere new. They are welcome to stay with us if they ever need to as well. My email address is Take care and how great that the friends already know where they are moving this early on!

  3. I am totally doing it too, I love shutterfly! The only problem is that is need you to write my blurb for me! Can't wait to see you all.

  4. I am totally doing this too! Thanks for sharing! I love reading your blog, it is SO awesome!