Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Guys are Funny!

Just a funny conversation I had with Mike the other night at Walmart.

Mike: Hey, while we're here....do you think we should buy a pack of diapers?

Me: Well, OK. If you want to

Mike: Well, people say you should stock up, so maybe we should.

Me: OK...what ones do you want?

Mike: I don't care...you choose

Me: (Grabbing a large pack of Pampers size 1 (8-14 pounds) "These are suppossed to be good."

Mike: Woah! You are getting the HUGE pack???? We don't need THAT many. Won't he outgrow them before we use them up?

Me: I'm pretty sure we'll use them up.

Mike: Well, OK...but save the receipt just in case he doesn't use them. Then we can take them back.

Me: Whatever you say dear. :)

I just thought it was funny. I'm pretty sure we will use that pack of diapers up in less than a week. Infact, I think we could buy 8 packs of 88 diapers and STILL be good before he's 14 pounds. So, ofcourse I had to call and check with my mom. And she reassured me that one pack of diapers will DEFINITELY be used. :)

We have been gearing up our house this week. Some friends of mine are throwing me a baby shower here on Saturday. And I am pretty excited. I have been really tempted to "cheat", and look at my babies r us registry to see if anyone has bought us anything! We'll see if I can hold out, but probably not. I'll take pictures of the shower to post later. I think it should be really fun, and I am getting excited! I made Mike go out with me to buy some new curtains, shelves, a welcome mat, etc. for the house. It's a perfect excuse since "people are coming over." :) And so far Mike has gone along with it. We even bought a new patio table and umbrella. I might try to sneak to linens 'n things tomorrow to buy some new bedding...but only if I can get out the door wihtout my husband finding out where I am going. I think that is where he will draw the line. But its worth a shot.


  1. I would check out TJ Maxx for bedding, sometimes you can find some cool things. I want to see some pictures of all the stuff you bought!

  2. Your husband must not read your blog very thoroughly (or at all) if you're writing about all your secret shopping :) I gotta keep mine under wraps, haha.

    In my experience, Huggies rule over all else. Not the extreme supremo ones, just regular Huggies. Girls' parts work differently than boys (as I sure you know) so you'll have to buy, like, one of EACH kind before you know for sure. See how your husband likes them apples!

  3. And I, too want to see your new stuff.

  4. I understand trying not to look at you registration. If they would have had that when I got married I would have been on it everyday and when I get the chance to register for a baby you better believe I will be on there everyday!