Saturday, August 11, 2007

In with the new and out with

As promised, some more pics of what has been going on around our house this week:

This is the future baby room. It used to be our home office. We have spent a LOT of time getting it all cleaned out. Now, all our office stuff is condensed Here...

This is now our "office Nook". It was quite a challenge condensing a whole office into a 4 foot nook. We had to be creative. Hence, our next inventive solution.

This is our umm....."night stand." Alright, when we got rid of our big desk in the office (DI picked it up Friday), we needed a place to store our paper work. So, we bought a filing cabinet at Sams Club, and it is doubling as a night stand. :) I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that one. And, we actually DOUBLED our storage space, because the old desk only had one drawer for filing. This obviously has two. And I think it passes for a night stand quite nicely. Hey...when you don't have a lot of room, you have to be creative.

Next, we decided to go to Ikea and buy shelves (which we used for the new office nook) But Ikea is definitely one of those places, like Sams, Costco, Lowe's...etc, where you can walk in wanting one thing, and walk out spending tons of money on everything you never new you needed. We didn't do too badly. We bought a welcome mat, the shelves, and these:

They aren't too exciting...just curtains. but they do look better in person. Mike thinks we should have gone a little darker, for more contrast. But I reminded him that "all the design books I've read say bedrooms should be light and airy." :)

Alright, that was kind of an inside joke. When Mike and I helped my mom paint their master bedroom in Wyoming, my dad didn't like the color. He thought it was too dark, and justified his feelings with the statement above. It still cracks me up. one more new thing. The end of the summer is actually a PERFECT time to buy one of these, because they are all on sale. Funny, because the end of the summer is when you can actually start USING one again. But since Arizona seasons are opposite of everywhere else, we got a steal of a deal on a new patio set. And by next month, the weather will be perfect to sit outside in the evenings. So excited for this.

So, there you go! All the exciting new updates to our home.

I also had a baby shower today that some friends of mine hosted here in AZ. It was really fun, and we had a great turn out. Rachel requested pictures of all the presents...but there are just too many. I think this child is starting to be really well equipped. It was fun to get together with all the girls and talk about baby things. Its starting to make me more excited. Its hard sometimes being away from home, and away from family. But all the people who showed up today reminded me that I made a lot of good friends here, from work and church, and Mike's school. So, I am very lucky.


  1. I like it all!! The dresser and crib are so cute! I saw some bedding at pottery barn kids the other day that had airplanes on it. It was so cute and would match that perfectly. Plus, it reminded me of grandpa B. I am getting excited for you to come up!

  2. Everything looks great! I love the color of the baby's room. I also love the idea for the filing. If you need a break when you come up for your shower we are only about a 25 minute detour!

  3. Your stuff is so cute and it's so fun getting ready for new babies!! I am excited to see pictures of your new little guy. Only one month left for me!!! keep in touch

  4. SArah,
    It's been a while since I've blogged. It's fun seeing your room. I'm hoping to make it to your shower Saturday. Hopefully! Take care girl.

  5. Sarah,
    If someone was to be making you blankets for your new little one, what kinds of patterns are ok.
    camo - Rhett says everyone needs this
    forest animals

  6. well, I'm glad everyone seems to like my rooms. that makes me feel good. any kinds of patterns are great! I think the bedding we will buy has little cars on it, and the nursery is eventually going to be decorated in just bright colors, like red, yellow, green blue.