Friday, August 24, 2007

Only because you asked so nicely

alright, alright. So, I know its been awhile. Rachel called me from work to politely remind me I haven't posted for a LOOOONG time, and what was she suppossed to do at work if I had no new blog entries for her to read? So, because you asked so nicely...I have a few new things.

First of all, thanks to EVERYONE who planned (rachel and mom) and came to my baby shower. It was really fun, and so nice to see everyone. It really meant a lot to me. I think this baby is definitely now well-equipped. Now, I don't know how well equipped the PARENTS are to take care of the baby, be he certainly has all the supplies he needs. Thanks again!!! :) I know rachel already posted this picture, but as far as unflattering pregnancy pictures go, this one's not too bad. So, I figured I would post it on my own blog too.

Now, to some of the fun things. Atleast I think they are fun. I bought my stroller and car seat. You should have seen me and Mike at Babies R Us trying to figure out which one to get. Talk about hilarious! We had no idea what to look for. I was getting really frustrated because I kept trying to push them around the store, and they wouldn't move very well. I was thinking..."All this modern technology, and they still can't invent a stroller that is easy to push?"

I looked over at Mike and he was really laughing hard, because I was so frustrated. He gave me a big hug, and then reminded me that I have to FIRST.....unlock the wheels. :)

Yes...I have a lot of learning to do. Thankfully Mike can help me.

Anyway, After UNLOCKING all the wheels, the strollers were much easier to push around. We decided on the new Chicco Trevi stroller and car seat. I couldn't wait to come home and put it all together. So, this is what they look like.

The car seat attaches to the stroller to make a "travel system". It just snaps on and off, and is really quick and easy.

So, those were my big purchases for the week. I was really tempted to try and put Marlee in the stroller and push her around the neighborhood, just for fun. But, I decided I wouldn't be able to get her into it without a struggle, and it just wasn't worth it. But I like to push it around the house, and Marlee just follows me around while I push it. I think she'll be a good companion for walks when the baby comes.

And last but not least....A Baby picture! I sweet friend Janeal gave me a 3D ultrasound last Thursday while I was in Utah. The pics turned out really well. I am amazed at how much detail they can get now. He kept opening and closing his mouth and sticking out his tongue. So that was kind of funny. Rachel thinks he has my nose. I think he's still kind of squished in there, so its too early to tell. But only a couple of months and we'll find out. So, here's his cute little face.

He kept his hand covering his face most of the time, but moved it a little for this picture. Although SOME people were expecting him to be "prettier" :) I,ofcourse, think he is cute just the way he is. :)


  1. Yippeee! I checked your blog a million times yesterday and today so I am glad you finally decided to make a post! I like your stroller, it looks like it should work out well. Don't worry, I think "Ace" is very pretty!!

  2. Ooh I like the stroller too. Enough to make me type ooh. I think everyone has stroller-brakes-on moments all though pregnancy...and then at least up until baby is sleeping for several hours at a time. Good luck!

  3. I was glad to see a new post also. I to need something to do at work. Love the stroller and carseat. I too think he has your nose. Sorry once again I didn't make it up to the shower and that your gift hasn't gotten to you yet, but I promise it is coming!