Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Congratulations are definitely in order for my sweet husband Mike. As of Sunday at 4:06 pm, Mike is officially finished with his first two years of Medical School!!!


He has been studying his brains out, getting ready to take his boards. He took one on Friday and his last one on Sunday, and now he is finished!

This picture pretty much shows where he has been for the last two months. He didn't know I was sneaking up on him with the camera (notice his earphones). He has just spent so much time in that chair, at that desk, I thought I at least needed a picture.

Anyway, he starts his rotations in July. His first rotation is a rural family medicine. He will be staying with his dad at Bryce Canyon for a month. I know, rough huh. And he will be working in a family practice clinic right outside the canyon. He is really excited, and I scheduled a long weekend off to go and visit.

So, Good Job Mike. I am so proud of you!!!

Now... I also have to thank Rachel for introducing me to TJ Maxx!! I went in there last Friday to look for some baby clothes, and I found the cutest outfits. So ofcourse, I had to take pictures and post them on here.
I thought they were all really cute, and only $10.00 (each) but still, thats less than I paid for the outfit I bought at Sams Club, and these are CUTER!

So Thanks Rachel, for helping me find cute clothes! I think I am going to make it a tradition to go to TJ Maxx now on Fridays to go shopping. Oh, and Mike thanks you too. (Well, not exactly)

Funny thing about Mike. So, I have a total of about 7 baby outfits now. One for 3 months, 4 for 6 months (the ones I just bought), and one newborn onesie. When I came home with these four outfits, Mike said "That's it! no more baby clothes. He has enough!"

Seriously??? he has enough? I guess our baby is only allowed one outfit every three months to wear 24 hours a day. hmmmmm...... interesting.

Anyway, this is the three month outfit I bought at Old Navy. I loved the camo shorts. They are so little!

And last but certainly not least...the only onesie I own. I'm sure you can tell who bought it for me. :)
(Thanks Mom)

My mom said she went to Carters and bought some more outfits that she is sending, so I'll post those when they come. I guess its alright if Mike doesn't want me to buy anymore outfits, because my Mom will keep me in supply! Thats what Grandmas are for.


  1. CONGRATS Mike! I like the shorter hair. It looks great! Well just tell Mike that he will have to do the laundry to keep up with the little guy with only seven outfits and only 1 onsie.

  2. Those clothes are so cute! I don't know why but all the sudden I just got really excited for little "Ace" to come! Hurry Up October!

  3. Sarah,
    I am so glad to see this! I think everyone should have a little blog for us all to keep up with each other's lives, everyone is so busy and far apart! I'm adding you to my favorites.