Saturday, June 16, 2007

For Kristi...

One whole post, just for you Kristi!

The book I bought my dad was caleld "Pioneering the West: 1846 to 1878. Major Howard Egan's Diary. " It also has "thrilling experiences of prefrontier life," and something about living with the Indians in the title. Here is a picture (albeit a small one) of what the book looks like.

If you want to take a peek at whats inside, just follow this link. It will take you to the byu library family history site, and a copy of the book they have scanned in electronically. Read as much or as little as you want. My personal favorite story is section #31, entitled "A Fearful Fall" on pages 190-192. I recommend reading that one for sure!

Here is another link that will take you to a google search page which has also scanned in the book.,M1

I bought mine at Ken Sanders Rare Books in SLC. It was a first edition and was originally marked about $200. but I happened to go the week of a sale and got it for $125 or $150. I don't really remember which. I know they have a website and keep a list of books they have on hand. You could check them out. Or, look up rare book stores in your area (maybe cedar city or St George would be the closest) and give them a call to see if they have it.

Here is a link to a store in Providence, UT that says they have the book
its #63 on the list. You could call and ask about the condition, etc.

I know the book was printed twice. Once in 1917 (the first editions) and again in the 50s. If you got a 2nd edition printing, they are cheaper.

And just for history's he is, in all his glory. Major Howard Egan

By the way...did you know Major Egan was the first man on trial for murder in the territory of Utah? The story is pretty interesting. But maybe I'll save that for another day! :)

And just because you asked for it, here is a picture of my belly:

Ha Ha Ha!! Sometimes I am just so funny!


  1. Okay miss Sarah Ann when I said I wanted a picture of your belly, that isn't exactly what I meant. That frightened me for a moment! :) When is your due date again?

  2. Ha ha. I don't have any belly pictures yet. Its just now starting to pop out a little bit. So when it gets a little bigger I'll take a "real" one. I'm due Oct. 25. I was just trying to shock you! I guess it worked. :)

  3. Miss Sarah you made me laugh and you made Rhett jump. Thanks for the info on the book. My Dad's birthday is Saturday so between Father's Day and birthday when Christmas comes I am all out of ideas. I am making him a sign about the pony express so I had just read the story about the murder trial. THANKS for the info it will go to good use.