Monday, June 25, 2007

look what showed up!

I was brought to the realization yesterday that I do , infact, now look pregnant. Mike was lying on the couch and put his hand on my stomach and said:

"Woah! Its getting big! It was flat for so long, and now this week, all of a sudden, it just popped right out!"

Yes, Yes...Thank you for that. And thank you for noticing.

Anyway, I figured now would be a good time to take a few unflattering pictures because hey, thats what a pregnancy is all about.

So without further ado.....The baby bump.

I am now 22.5 weeks. I started to realize that October isn't as far away as it felt originally. It is kind of sneaking up on me. SCARY! I still haven't found any bedding for the crib that I REALLY want. Here are a few options.
This is Mike's pick. I like it too, but I can't decide if I like light colors like this, or bright colors like the next ones. (This one is also the cheapest. Possibly the reason Mike likes it so much!)
I think this one MIGHT be my favorite. I really like the brighter colors, and it was actually cuter in person. Plus the primary colors make it easy to find other decorations that match.I like this one as well. It has more yellows and reds, like the rest of my house, so it kind of goes with everything else. I also like the animals and letters, because again, its easy to find matching decorations. This one is the most expensive, so definitely does not get Mike's vote.

Anyway...I still don't know. Opinions are always welcome! I guess I'll just keep my eyes open.

We also went and test drove some bigger SUVs today. Too bad we can't actually afford the ones we drove! We went and tried out the new Toyota Highlander and the new Honda Pilot. I liked them both, ofcourse with the leather, and moon roof, and navigation...etc. Its fun to dream. We will probably end up getting an old version of the highlander at an auction sometime this summer. That will have to tide me over. But its no wonder people are in debt up to their eyeballs! I loved the cars so much, I started bargaining with myself. "I could give up my cable TV and Tivo, I won't go shopping anymore, or go out to eat, and I'll get dial-up internet instead of high-speed. Then I could afford this car payment for the really really really nice car of my dreams." Good think I had Mike with me to pop my dream car bubble and bring me back into reality. Ohwell. Someday.


  1. YEA for the belly pictures eventhough it just makes me feel fatter then Rhett says I am. I look like I am 22 weeks pregnant and I am not :( I like the middle crib set. This is the preschool teacher talking there are studies done that say bright colors make a child excited and thus is not a good choice for the bedroom, but I think this study changes everyother year. I am so happy for you and Mike. You will be a great Mom!!! And Rachel there is nothing better in the world (since I don't know what it is like to be a mom) then being an AUNT!!! Yea Auntie Rachie!!!

  2. Wahoo! I've been waiting for those belly pics. Although, I agree with Kristi, you're making me the unpregnant gal feel fat! You said your stomach's been flat for so long, yea, don't think I've ever had a flat tummy. :) Back to my point, very cute little tummy you got there girl. :) I love the middle crib set. Love love love primary colors for boys. I loved putting my boys in red! Nice job. Thanks for the post.

  3. I am so glad you put these up! I can't wait to be an aunt! I am pretty sure I will be his favorite. I vote for the middle set too. :)
    PS - I am writing this from work, in my office, on my computer---so cool!