Thursday, June 7, 2007

movin and shakin

Well, I just came home from my latest ultrasound scan, and everything looked just fine. I like going to the ultrasounds, but this one was the LEAST fun, mainly because they told me I had to come with a full bladder. They said to drink at least 40 oz. of water an hour before I showed up....and HOLD IT! Yeah right!

So, I did my best, and they started the scan, and I already had to go to the bathroom really really bad. Then what do they do? Start pushing all over your belly, with an extremely full bladder. Like that helps. I was trying to concentrate, but mainly I was just thinking about where the nearest restroom was.

Anyway, the baby is healthy, had a heart beat of 140, and was 11 ounces in weight. I'm not sure how long he is. But the technologist measured his feet, and they were a whopping 3 centimeters long. She also confirmed he is definitely a boy, but he was a little more shy than the last time. He kept his little hand "down there" the whole time. I guess that in and of itself would prove he is a boy. Mike really enjoyed looking at all the anatomy of the ultrasound. He kept asking the tech things like, "where is the foramen ovale" and if he could see it on the ultrasound, and if she would be able to tell if he had "oligohydramniose" ...whatever that is. The baby doesn't. And all kinds of technicalities. He enjoyed it.

I thought it would be fun to post pictures so you can see how much he's grown!

These pictures to the left...this was my "eight week peanut". Atleast thats what I like to call it. Not a whole lot there to see. Just a little Blob. Some people think he looks more like a lima bean...But, I say there's not much difference.

This is the baby at fifteen weeks.

The above picture is probably my favorite of all time. I just think it is hilarious. It is obviously a picture of his "male parts"...and he is totally spread eagle. No modesty, not shy, just showing it off for the world to see. (He must get that from his father) :)
And this is the 15 week profile. Wow! Look how much he's grown. What a difference 7 weeks can make, eh? He actually looks like a little human. At this ultrasound, he was flipping all over the place, and he kept grabbing and yanking the ubilical cord. I think he is going to be a Cirque De Soleil performer!

And Last but not Least...the 20 Week Scan

I'm so big now, my whole body doesn't even fit into the picture, and I really like to bend my legs up by my head, and kick my mom.

Another picture ..You can see his knee is almost touching his nose, and his feet are extended past his noggin. Doesn't look very comfortable to me, but this seems to be his favorite position.

This is a picture of my little foot that measures a total of 3cm. But I have all my toes.

And another profile pic with my feet almost touching my head. Mike said he must have been the same age the last time he could do something like that.

So, everything was fine, and everyone is healthy and happy. We were glad there was no bad news. I have a routine Drs checkup tomorrow, and then I am finished for another month.


  1. It's so much fun to see the new pics of little "Ace"! I get my first paycheck tomorrow so I might have to see if I can go buy something cute for my little nephew.

  2. It is great to see the little guy. It is amazing what we can now do. But remember we can see the inside or your belly so now we want to see the outside of your belly.