Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Along time ago I went over to my Grandma Barnards house and scanned in all of her old photos, announcements and letters she had stored in boxes and old photo albums. I have always been interested in family history, geneology, etc., and really wanted copies of these pictures to have, before they get all divided and split up to different families.
Yesterday I finally sent these pictures to Sam Club to be developed to put in my family history scrapbook I have been working on. When I picked them up, the manager of the photo center was there. I gave her my name and she said "Oh YES...I remember these pictures!" She said she always tries not to look at the pictures people send in (yeah right...) But that she was so touched by all these old photographs, and all the history there.

THEN, she said she was really moved by "the handsome gentleman in his military uniform."
This is the picture the manager was talking about (and the one I used...see the rest of the story.)

I knew she was talking about my sweet Grandpa Barnard. I told her a little bit about him, and some of his "famous stories" he used to tell us. The manager told me they were starting a memorial wall honoring those who served and who are currently serving in all branches of the military. She asked if I would sign a copyright release to allow her to blow up his image, print it off, and have it be the center of the display. She said they could also place a plaque under his picture with his military rank, branch, and years served.

What an Honor! I thought Grandpa B would be tickled pink to have his handsome face on display, and that he certainly deserved his "place of honor" up on that wall. I signed the release, and left to go home and call my Grandma B.

I told her the story, and I could tell she was crying when I was finished. She asked me if I knew what today was, and then she told me today was her 60th wedding anniversary to that wonderful, handsome man. Now even I was getting choked up.

The whole thing has just really made me grateful today not only for those serving in our armed forces, but for my family, heritage and ancestry. I have truly been blessed! What an honor it is for me to know where I came from and to be proud of those who blazed the way for me today. And today, especially grateful for my sweet Grandpa Barnard. What an amazing man he was. I miss him everyday.


  1. I didn't realize how much your uncles look like your grandpa. Those are very special pictures and a very neat story. I have pictures of grandpa hirst and my grandpa bruce in their uniforms up on my wall. Hey if you have any good pictures from the atkinson side could you pass them along. Still waiting to see pictures of your belly!

  2. I love these pictures of Grandpa!! And Krist, if you read this, the reason that Sarah is not putting up pictures of her belly is because she is not even showing yet! Skinny Minnie!

  3. I have a question about heritage for you Sarah. What is the name of the book you got your Dad for Christmas and where did you get it? And thanks Rachel for telling me about Sarah's belly, I can hope can't I that she might have a belly for once. Just kidding Sarah. You are just lucky that you are a skinny minnie.